5 trends for digital marketing in 2015

digital Marketing trends 2015

They say that those who strive better are those who adapt better, and nowhere else is that more true than in the world of online digital marketing. The last decade has seen an incredible increase in client responsive technology and digital marketing campaigns are incorporating more and more strategies to capture that aspect.

Outdated digital tactics are being replaced with platforms that place customer experience at the center of their attention and thus creating a brand experience that will prove both effective and efficient in the long run.

Within that framework, what are some of the most important digital marketing trend predictions that we are expecting to see in 2015?

1. Better and more responsive content

Out goes with the old tactic where a seller’s pitch meant just a short description of products and services. Nowadays, the customer expects to see a wealth of relevant content that provides both the descriptive and the quality side of the product or service. The idea behind increased quality and responsiveness is that the digital marketing world is increasingly becoming an ecosystem of personalized values rather than a singular place where one goes to purchase something. It has been observed that digital marketing campaigns that had included a blog in their sites had a much higher level of substantial involvement by customers than those that didn’t. And as we know, more active customer involvement means more sales as well as a recurring clientele base.



2. The use of visual media

More and more campaigns are incorporating the use of different types of media to engage their customers. Videos, podcasts and interactive manuals are being used more so as to introduce or promote a product or service in an immediate and effective manner. Specifically, the use of videos to introduce, explain and sell a product or service is considered to be the most efficient interactive mean to attract and retain a customer. The use of videos also sends a remarkable message to the client, that of respect of their time. Consider this tactic as a 2015 priority and start creating your own digital media content.

3. Personalization

Along with the responsive content comes the personalized one. Personalization speaks directly to the customer’s preferences giving him the choice to select and customize their experience from a variety of options, saving time and money both for the company and the client. A personalized strategy will result in attracting and sustaining a solid and satisfied customer base and will provide a wealth of data for the company to adjust and adapt its content, products and services.



4. Increased online ads

Online ads are the most common targeted tactic of segmentation and of new clients. People tend to spend their free time browsing thus the use of targeted online ads can mean a substantial increase of sales and promotion strategies. It is expected that in 2015 online ads will see a substantial increase in the digital marketing field resulting in increased sales and enabling marketers to target specific client groups.



5. Mobile technology

It is certain that in 2015 the use of systematic and interconnected mobile technology will definitely increase. The use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are enabling more and more people to connect and respond immediately to their targeted preferences. In 2015 we will see more of this closing of the gap between message and action since the majority of mobile devices are offering a multitude of options removing previous barriers while enabling customers to directly connect and obtain what they need. This is an important aspect for digital marketers to consider as it blends nicely with the responsive and personalized content of the rising trends of 2015.

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